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    1. Global Bridge Industry Co.,Ltd

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      E-mail: linda@minigift.cn
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      Position:Products - Mouse pad


      Product Description:

      The size of 31.5x11.8x0.2 inch will apply to all types of keyboards and mice, providing plenty of room for professional gaming or office work. Large gaming mouse pad uses high-quality Nylon line to stitch led lighting strip so that the edges of the mouse pad will not bump up.
      RGB Gaming Mouse Pad 3mm Super Glow Fiber with 7 customizable lighting colors (Red/Blue/Green/Purple/Cyan/Yellow/White) and 3 RGB Modes.
      RGB led gaming mouse pad with non-slip rubber base, ensures accurate mouse control and consistent stability on your desk. Even you swung mouse sharply in the game, it can stay on the table stably.
      Fits any style and space requirement. You can choose what size adapts best to your gaming style.Customized size are available.
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